World Changing Product Designs

World Changing Product Designs Designing has become an important stage in the manufacturing of any product. It has a great significance in determining the market of a product. There are certain product designs which changed the whole scenario in the world. Their emergence ensured that they became role model to many innovations. So here are […]

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How has the evolution of 3D printing benefitted the product industry?

How has the evolution of 3D printing benefitted the product industry? The production industry has been benefitted by the evolution of the 3D printing devices. As the 3D printing devices create the three-dimensional devices. They help to increase the output of the product industry. The 3d printing devices when were new were very expensive. But […]

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New smartphone design with the notch

NEW SMARTPHONE DESIGNS WITH THE NOTCH You may love it or hate it, but the thing is that manufacturers are now embracing smartphone notch like a new feature. In the year 2017, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) goal was to develop a bezel-less phone but now bezels are considered to be endangered species. The year 2018 […]

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Viewing the world through a designer’s mind

VIEWING THE WORLD THROUGH A DESIGNER’S MIND Design thinking is an approach by which we ensure that every human capacity is involved which might have been left out earlier while opting for conventional problem-solving practices. The best way to describe the process is to consider it as a system composed of overlapping spaces instead of […]

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Google IO

Google IO I/O was originated in 2008 and is regulated by the executive team. “I/O” denotes for input/output, as well as the catchword “Innovation in the Open”.The event’s construction is similar to Google Developer Day. Google I/O can be solely called as I/O is an annual festival where all the developer arrives together and was […]

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An Indian Kid Invented A Word-Counting Pen

An Indian Kid Invented A Word-Counting Pen A Boy named Muzaffar Ahmad Khan from Kashmir, India has innovated and developed something which is beyond our imagination and definitely very inspirational for all. Ahmad is 9 years old. It all started when Ahmad had to face failure in an exam as one of his answers became […]

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How has technology changed the face of design industry?

How has technology changed the face of design industry? The pace of advancement in technology Today, if we think, about something that is growing at a pace faster than a minute’s hand strikes its next stop, is technology. Every second moment, if one refreshes his or her Google feed, the news column under the domain […]

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Startup in Tamil Nadu

What It Is Being A StartUp In Tamil Nadu – Prodotype Stories

Tamil Nadu, situated along the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal, is dotted with flourishing cities and plethora of opportunities for initiating start-ups. With its numerous cities becoming the confluence of several people from across the nation, there is something for everybody needed here, and the demographic is a diverse one. With it being termed […]

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Product designing in Medical field

How Product Designing Has Revolutionized The Medical Industry And Made Saving Lives Easy

Innovation has led to the development of many new technologies, many of which will benefit humans a lot. Technological advancements have solved many problems of the humans and with new discoveries and inventions treatments to many of life-threatening diseases have been found and a lot of lives have been saved now with the help of […]

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Products to Expect in Future

Products That We Can Expect In The Future – Impressive Ones

Making correct predictions about the future is something the human generation cannot do and it is high time that we accept this fact, to make things better, today. However, there exists no doubt in saying that making a prediction that might get true in the future is definitely one of the best things to do. […]

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